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Fandango Movieclips (formerly Movieclips) is a company located in Venice, Los Angeles that offers a streaming video of movie clips and trailers from such Hollywood film companies as Universal Pictures (including DreamWorks Animation), The Walt Disney Studios (including 20th Century Studios), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. (including content from subsidiaries New Line Cinema and Castle Rock Entertainment), Sony Pictures (including content from subsidiaries Destination Films, The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Sony Pictures Classics, and Triumph Pictures) and other studios such as Lionsgate Films and DreamWorks.

Helen shares her upsetting experience in, "Fandango offers users who have accounts $5 off after every two movies but the process for accessing the $5 is very confusing and makes no sense at all. I finally had to call fandango customer service to walk me through the process - which still didn't make sense. They obviously never bothered to do user testing when they set up the system. CSR was snooty and unprofessional. At least the supervisor I talked to admitted they've had other complaints."


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Former Employee - Content Curator says

"I worked at Movieclips full-time for less than a year Cons: For an office that is located in one of the hippest areas in the U.S., the pay is quite insulting. At 10 dollars an hour, employees find themselves struggling to choose between food or gas, and the upper management (who all get paid well) don't seem to care. (There are also no benefits and healthcare provided for the content team, who make up about 90% of the company) Promotions and mobility within the company are also a huge issue. You will only be promoted if you are friends with someone else at the company, or simply if the upper management likes you. Promotions are most definitely not skill or performance based. You'll find employees leaving left and right, which explains why they're always hiring. Employees are all highly educated and skilled, yet they're treated like expendable parts in an assembly line. No wonder the turn over rate is horrible. The fun and loving image they try to portray is all fake."

Former Employee - Content says

"I worked at Movieclips full-time for more than a year Cons: The pay is extremely low for the amount of work you do. No benefits, no overtime opportunities. The way they promote people is very poorly done. Management simply doesn't know how to manage workers under them. You are told four different answers to one question."

Former Employee - Content Curator says

"I worked at Movieclips full-time for less than a year Cons: Low pay (wage disparity is insane), not transparent, no clear business model, CEOs are a bit out of touch, inexperienced upper management, no benefits or paid time off, strange promotion/hiring strategies, actual job isn't really that fun, and despite being all about culture there's still a weird vibe about certain things."

Former Employee - says

"I worked at Movieclips full-time for less than a year Cons: The pay is awful, especially for LA you can hardly afford to squeeze by. When you are promoted out of Content team (where most people start out) you have twice the responsibility and often still no raise. When you do get a raise you make $12.50 instead of $10.00 an hour at a job you could easily be making $40,000 a year for at a different company. It's no wonder the turnover rate is terrible. Every week one to two people leave the company."

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